Veggie pate

Sometimes you want a spread, healthy, not based on liver and that you can indulge on, so with no butter, just olive oil, you can eat as much as you want.

PepperTony Cook - Veggie pate (1)


Blend favourite vegetables or pulses with seasoning, favourite herbs, a little rice flour to thicken if needed or more oil if you like it more spreadable. Pulses will make the mixture stickier. No need to cook, chill and store in fridge.

PepperTony Cook - Veggie pate (3)


Spread on flat breads, crusty hunks of fresh loafs, as a side dip or add to soups, stews and pies for extra flavour. Very versatile and you can store for a few weeks in the fridge or freeze and use as needed.

Chickpea Butter

Mash cooked chickpeas until fluffy, add approx. quarter volume of butter, slug of olive oil, generous squeeze of lemon and black pepper to taste. Mix thoroughly and set in fridge.

PepperTony Cook - Chickpea Butter

Use on top of hot potatoes, stir into pasta, add a few spoons to a tray of veg and roast and use as humus with flat breads and bread sticks. The butter makes it a little creamier.